Peter Pan Room

Peter Pan Room (15 months to 2.5 years)


Every day in the ‘Peter ‘Pan room is different  exciting and stimulating daY. We love challenging the toddlers in this room With art/craft   activities and toes OF stimulating and engaging Activities that  Offer them real life experiences and the ability to run with their imaginations.We also believe With structure, there should be the ability to have spontaneous plaY. We Offer all Of this during activity time and encourage group participation  in group time, With toes Of singing, dancing and stories to Keep Children interacting.

We Offer an indoor and outdoor  program to the children so they can accelerate with their  environment. This also allows Children to work on their Social skills because they are learning  to share, take turns and Play with Children of their own age.

We highly encourage children to find their  own self~identity through their  Play and development. Our educators are there to support Children’s self-being and belonging and help them to Work through these difficult years of their  life.

Lead Educator Miss Chelsey

Assistant Educator Miss Chloe

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