Mickey Mouse Room

Mickey Mouse Room (2.5 years to 3.5 years)


In our room we are committed to providing a loving, supportive environment for all our Children. The educators continue to support the growing independence Of each Child. The care and learning experiences,  along With relationships  and interactions   ensures each Child feels secure,  confident   and included.

The  atmosphere  of our  room is relaxed  and happy as the  educators  and children actively working together for  Collaborative  learning. As in other  rooms of the  center, we implement  the  Early years  Learning  framework   curriculum    and its flexibility encompasses Planned and spontaneous  interactions, experiences,  routines  and events –  all to support a holistic approach to learning and development.  As this time  in our  room maybe some Children’s first time being cared for  away from home, our educators Work closely with each other and families to ensure a smooch and relaxed transition  between home and care.

Lead Educator Miss Faye

Assistant Educator Miss Lisa

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