(Our philosophy has been developed through the input of families, staff and children who attend the service.)


We believe it is the right of every child and family to have access to high quality care and education in an Early Childhood setting.


We believe that each family in our centre is unique and we aim to work collaboratively with them in partnership by sharing information about their child’s learning and development and welcoming their involvement in our centre.


We acknowledge the role of each family within our centre and advocate the role each family plays as being a child’s first and most influential educator. We seek to draw on each family’s dynamic to enhance the practices and experiences offered to our children.


We have appreciation of the values, customs and backgrounds that each family brings to our centre and take pride in incorporating components of this into our daily practice and curriculum.


Our centre welcomes all children, including those with additional needs, for whom we will work closely with outside professionals to make use of their resources, knowledge and support. We endeavour to work collaboratively with the child’s parents and support agencies to support the development and meet the needs of the child involved.


We believe in providing a warm, safe and nurturing environment for children to grow, learn and develop in. We do so by providing safe and healthy environments and offer appropriate experiences which enhance their learning, development and self-worth. We aim to have a centre which is inclusive, free of bias and prejudices and supports fair and equal rights with all children within the play environment.


We ensure our environments foster play-based learning; which encourages children to organise and rationalise their social standings as they actively engage with peers, educators, objects and representations.


We believe in the need to organize our environments to foster a sense of security, predictability and flexibility which allows for our children to play and learn at their own pace. We share a vision that children are provided with the opportunity to make decisions and problem solve which has the underpinning belief in fostering self-esteem and belief within our children.


We have a clear vision that our curriculum is implemented through the use of emergent practices. It is largely based on intentional teaching which promotes   interest-based learning, where by the interests of an individual child or groups of children lead to further learning, discovery and possibilities.


We believe our curriculum encourages our children to undertake a journey towards becoming motivated, life-long learners and progress towards the learning outcomes within the Early Years Learning Framework. We believe that communication and partnerships with families is vital in ensuring that children’s learning and development is supported and therefore aim to work in collaboration with our families to meet this vision.


We share a vision that moves towards the integration of the National Quality Framework within our centre. We seek to undertake professional development and continual review which ensures we are abreast of current research evidence and best practice in Early Childhood standards.

We have firmly embraced the Early Years Learning Framework;

  • It underpins our centre’s pedagogy – being, our professional practice, teaching and curriculum decision making.
  • Its’ principles underpin our practices relating to fostering a journey for each child to make progression in the five learning outcomes.
  • Its’ five specified Learning Outcomes feature heavily throughout our curriculum.


We are moving towards the integration of the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG) and the My Time Our Place Framework within our centre (MTOP). We share the vision that this document, in conjunction with the use of the Early Years Learning Framework, will enrich children’s learning in the Kindergarten Year within our centre.


We embrace these documents and believe they underpin the essence of our pedagogy. We passionately view each child holistically and proudly work in collaboration with our parents to celebrate, value and document the achievements of their child throughout their time in our centre.


We aim to always striving for quality improvements through our quality improvement plan which supports our journey to move beyond the expectations of the National Quality Standards.



The Kidz-Xpress Team




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