Dumbo Room

Dumbo Room (6 weeks – 15 months old)


At  The Kidz Xpress Childcare we provide a warm and nurturing  environment For all children in our care. Our experienced and dedicated staff care For your Child in a calm caring atmosphere, working closer/ in partnership with families. We value information from families to share information  daily on how best to care for your precious little  ones. We respect each family’s values and Cultural beliefs and value your Input into the daily program and your Child’s development.

We are supportive in helping to provide a healthy menu as your Child progresses to solids. We have a separate sleep room and endeavor to maintain your child’s routine as closely as possible to home. We achieve this through  parental Feedback and also reading the cues of the babies.

Our babies are provided with stimulating experiences that  cater to their  individual needs to help them grow and learn. We help to encourage reaching, grasping, rolling, crawling and walking,all of which are important to a baby’s growth and development milestones.

Lead Educator Miss Liz

Assistant Educator Miss Jodie

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